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BOBO: The Macaron Masters


Former journalist Dora M. has always had a passion for baking, ever since childhood, but it wasn’t until 2010 that she finally had the idea to set up her own business. Bourgeois Boheme (BOBO) is a company which specialises in creating an array of ingeniously flavoured macarons, Dora experiments with flavours that cross borders and cultures, from the traditional French, Middle Eastern and North African, to Indian.

BOBO has done something quite unique, for years now it’s been an unspoken truth that the macaron was pretty much untouchable, in respect that there is simply no more flavours to explore, but Dora has smashed convention and created a wealth of flavours that seriously excite the tastebuds.

Taste, quality & style Macarons, desserts, French tea time by BOurgeois BOhème

If you’re looking for a bit of Middle Eastern flare, why not try some aromatic Turkish coffee with cardamom, some jasmine tea or perhaps some sweet pistachio and rosewater flavoured macarons. For those longing for a taste of India, you can try mango and kewra or dark chocolate and ginger or good old fashion saffron.


When Dora launched BOBO back in 2010, she quickly caught the attention of London’s trendy cafe’s and hotels, becoming one of their favourite suppliers. Speaking to Dora about opening up a business such as this in the UK, she said “There’s always been a great love for French culture in England, particularly where anything culinary is concerned, so London was the ideal place to set up BOBO. People have really fallen in love with the variety of flavours I offer”.


Dora uses a number of traditional methods in making her macarons, that was taught to her by her mother. It’s these methods which make her macarons so distinctive in falvour and texture. With the mixture of cultures involved in the flavours, Dora recently launched a beautiful box of macarons for Eid, the Baraka box, an exquisite collection indeed.

Along with supplying numerous cool and high-end cafes, hotels etc, BOBO also caters for weddings, baptisms and a range of other family functions, for these Dora and her team truly get creative, such as recently when an eye catching bird cage was creating, using blue macarons and flowers for a christening.


As part of Meet the Makers, until August 7th you can find BOBO at London’s Selfridges.

Photos courtesy of Bobo

Agnes de Sucre Store Opening

If you’ve been wondering around Kensington over the past few weeks, specifically down Holland Street, you might have happened across an eye catching sign, a wreath of brightly painted flowers and macarons, and in the centre a message, saying “The Agnes is coming to Town”. This is the soon to be hub of the Agnes de Sucre empire, founded and run by Reshmi Bennett.


Agnes de Sucre will be opening its doors very soon, with a soft launch, consisting of Reshmi’s tasty macarons, marshmallows, hot chocolate and aromatic Coutume coffee, there’s also chance to win a resplendent box of 18 macarons.

Reshmi Bennett

It’s taken Reshmi 18 months of fastidious work, searching for the perfect property, renovation, design etc, now all that hard work has paid off. The store is nestled in the heart of Kensington and all are welcome, from macaron connoisseurs to anyone curious about these sweet French delicacies.


Having trained in French cuisine at the prestigious Ecole Gregoire Ferrandi in Paris, along with working under the tutelage of a Michelin star chef, Reshmi certainly knows her stuff. She ingenuously incorporates traditional French, British and Asian influences into her recipes, interweaving the three to create a magnificent array of tasty treats.

We highly recommend you take a visit and sample some sweet goodies.

Community News – Anges de Sucre featured in Wedding magazine

Our community member Reshmi of Anges de Sucre has a reputation for creating gorgeous and delicious desserts for weddings. In the latest issue of Wedding Magazine we got a close up of her new creations in collaboration with the highly talented Abigail of Abigail Bloom Cake Company – genuine gold leaf embellished vanilla bean and emerald lime macarons with gold-flake marshmallows! We also want to highlight the Rosali cake from Abigail, which  is absolute stunning! 

Receptions 01 Receptions 04

And if all that wasn’t enough, in the same issue we got an inside glimpse of Reshmi’s own fusion wedding, where she elegantly brought together two cultures. Reshmi is an absolute superstar and we cannot wait to see what she does next.

Fusion wedding Reshmi Patrick