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Spend Valentine’s Day at Rosewood London

Rosewood LondonRosewood London

With its warm welcome and sumptuous surroundings, Rosewood London is the ideal place to spend a romantic time together. A luxurious hotel in the heart of London, a mix of Edwardian charm and contemporary flare, the story of Rosewood is one built on love.

Rosewood London_Scarfes Bar 4Rosewood London

Rosewood London is offering an exclusive package, second to none, over the Valentine’s Day weekend. Brimming with quirky activities and extraordinary touches, ‘Rosewood London is a Girl’s Best Friend’ offers the ultimate in luxury. Collaborating with trusted partners and professionals whose high level of service and quality is aligned with those of the hotel, Rosewood London has carefully curated a selection of amenities which treat that special someone to everything and more.

Rosewood LondonRosewood London

The package includes a one-night stay in the Garden House Suite, a magnificent top-floor suite named after its namesake terrace which affords breathtaking views across London, a bespoke fragrance especially created by Roja Dove, the world’s most innovative fragrance creative, a bespoke piece of jewellery created by Shaun Leane, an award-winning luxury jewellery designer, a bespoke monogram by Paul Antonio, a talented calligrapher, a private fireworks display from the terrace of the Garden House Suite, live music on the terrace under cashmere blankets and much more.

Images courtesy of Rosewood London


Rosewood London: Typifying Edwardian Glamour

Rosewood London

It’s difficult to define luxury in one sentence; however two words certainly conjure the right thoughts and images when one thinks of luxury, Rosewood London.

Rosewood London

The capital’s latest luxury hotel, Rosewood London, based in Holborn, is a sprawling building, completed in 1914, and after extensive renovation finally opened its doors to an anticipatory clientele last year. We at Think Shaadi would like to congratulate Rosewood London on celebrating their 1 year anniversary this month, and of course for winning a wealth of awards and accolades over the last few months, including Best New Hotel in the World at the UltraTravel 100 Awards, Hotel of the Year at AA Hospitality Awards, Hotel of the Year 2014 at the Virtuoso Best of the Best Awards, along with being included in Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List and Best Travel + Leisure in It List.

Rosewood London

An oasis of relaxation, slap bang in the heart of Britain’s bustling metropolis, Rosewood London is an impressive historic building, Edwardian in its facade, with typical French motifs, and a large courtyard, reminiscent of a French chateau. What we must remember is that King Edward VII was a devout Francophile, and during his short reign British architecture reflected that.

Rosewood London

Walking into this vast, carefully looked after, courtyard, you are taken back by the fairytale exterior. Rich in elaborate brocades and distinctly French filigree patterns, it’s easy to see why Rosewood London has caused a stir amongst luxury connoisseurs.

Rosewood London

Inside the theme is something of a mixture, the designs do not fit with one particular era, instead Rosewood London decided to recapture the luxury of differing times.

Rosewood London

The accommodations, event spaces and public areas were designed by the world renowned Tony Chi and Associates, who brought the intoxicating flavours of minimalism and understated beauty together, giving the areas a magnificently relaxing and comfortable feel, yet never negating the age old feel of luxury, which the building possesses in spades.

Rosewood London

Tony Chi and Associates worked with an array of materials including lacquer, textured wood veneers and prismatic mirrors, to create this elegant fusion of modernity and old world style. The rooms are distinctly Tony Chi and Associates, with his highly recognisable stamp across it.

Rosewood London_Deluxe Room Detail

It’s wonderfully evocative, Tony Chi and Associates has created the perfect setting for honeymooners, travellers and anyone with a desire to simultaneously get away from it all, yet be at the centre of all London has to offer.

Holborn Dining Room 3

Holborn Dining Room and Delicatessen offers guests a warm and cosy atmosphere, yet is in no way cramped or cluttered. Designed by another world renowned artisan Martin Brudnizki, the theme feels a little like a New York speakeasy from the 1920’s, mixing a rich array of chic furniture, with a touch of the old and outstanding wood and mirror motifs.

Rosewood London

A striking salon tucked away in the heart of Rosewood London, the Mirror Room is the social hub of the hotel, offering innovative, elegant dining and afternoon tea. A veritable jewel box of a dining room, with mirrors on the walls and ceiling, the tables are laid with exquisite Limoges china, sparkling crystal and refined silverware. Whether meeting for a relaxed breakfast, light lunch, afternoon tea or a decadent dinner, it is the place to see and be seen on High Holborn.

Rosewood London

Rosewood London offers a selection of inspiring spaces to host a special event. The heritage Chairman Boardrooms showcase original architectural features of the former Pearl Assurance building whilst the Living Room provides a contemporary venue with eccentric artwork and intricate design details.

Rosewood London_Scarfes Bar 4

Gerald Scarfe, renowned British artist and caricaturist has lent his name and artistic vision to Scarfes Bar where his collection of amusing and conversation-provoking paintings adorn the marble walls. A creative menu of cocktails and complimentary live music six nights a week all add to the conviviality and certainly give true meaning to the phrase ‘get scarfed’  at Gerald’s eponymous bar where potions and paintings meet.

Rosewood London

Rosewood London is an outstanding achievement in luxury and high-end service. It adds to London’s status as the prime destination for all those dedicated to savouring the joys of luxury.

Photos Courtesy of Rosewood London

Mario Perera: The Four Seasons Master of South Asian Cuisine

002 Four Seasons _ salshan.comPhoto courtesy of Salshan

When a hotel has reached the heights of its power, just a name is enough to make peoples eyes light up. The Four Seasons is one of them, opening its first hotel in 1961, it has since gone on to expand to the four corners of the globe, and become famous for offering pure luxury to its guests. The secret behind the Four Seasons success is, aside from good old fashioned hard work, a careful eye to seek out the best talents.

The Four Seasons London at Park Lane keeping true to its mantra has Chef Mario Perrera, one of the pioneers of South Asian fine dining in London.

JPEG Image (63292)Pani Puri with Pineapple

Mario was also one the first South Asian chefs on Park Lane, initially training at St. Jospeh’s College, in Colombo, Sri Lanka; he began his career at the Taj Samudra, in Colombo, finally completing his culinary training at the Ceylon Hotel School. After that he was caught by wanderlust, so, in 1998, travelled to England, where his brother was living. He quickly found a notice that the Dorchester Hotel was looking for a chef, once hired he became the mentor of the renowned chef Henri Browsi.

Speaking exclusively to Think Shaadi, Mario explained about his long time passion for creating and experimenting with South Asian cuisine – “My passion for cooking comes from growing up in a home with two parents who were great cooks. Looking back I can remember a moment when I realised my passion for cooking. I was nine and my mother (a hairdresser) was ill so, I decided to cook a Sri Lankan meal for her, just as she had done for me. She still laughs about how at that age I managed to replicate an entire, authentic, meal for her!”


Working for the Dorchester, as one of the only South Asian chefs, was a fine achievement, as Mario says – “I saw the job advertised and after walking in I met the hiring chef and said “I’ll start tomorrow” to which he replied “sure, see you at 9am”. I was probably the only Asian in the kitchens and within a couple of years I’d risen from third commis to first commis.

Working his way up through the ranks at the Dorchester proved felicitous, as Mario caught the eye of many in the world of luxury cuisine, with his finely executed creations. Just over two years he was head hunted by the Four Seasons team, who hired him as their top sous chef, at their Park Lane hotel. Now in his new position, Mario works a little differently he told us – “At Four Seasons I am a little more hands on and like to get involved from the start where possible so we can exceed our guests’ expectations from the very beginning, to the very end.”

12264-2D-871- white chocolate ladoo12264-2D-869Photos courtesy of Raj Takhar | Xpressions Photography

Throughout his illustrious career, Mario has fed the great and the good, delighting the palates of such people as the former Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher, former US Presidents Bill Clinton and George Bush, pop star Michael Jackson, film star Johnny Depp, and of course H.M Queen Elizabeth II. We had to ask Mario what his routine is like cooking for such esteemed guests, to which he replied – “During my career I’ve cooked for numerous Heads of State, the Queen 6 or 7 times and been the personal chef for the King of Bahrain. However my routine never changes as I always set out to deliver the same level of excellence for every guest, which is something we aim to deliver in every aspect at Four Seasons.” And his favourite guest to cook for was of course the Queen – “Without a doubt the Queen is probably the highlight of my career and something I’m very proud of.”

As the undisputed master of South Asian cuisine, it’s safe to say Mario has placed it firmly alongside the wealth of other cuisines at the Four Seasons, with guests clamouring to indulge their taste buds. Mario says – “Our reputation for Asian cuisine has been developing hugely over the past 3 and ½ years, as shown by the increasing popularity of our venues for Asian events.”

Jal jeera with Vodka 12264-2D-494Photo courtesy of Raj Takhar | Xpressions Photography

The Four Seasons has done something quite unique, as one of the first luxury hotels to offer guests South Asian cuisine in house, and with Mario at the helm; he knows how to cater for both the curious and the older generation. “The older generation of Asian guest typically likes traditions and follows certain cultures, whereas the younger generation tend to observe the same traditions but like to modernise them. For example the older generations might typically like a 5-course seated meal, whereas the younger generation might typically prefer a dinner based on small street-food based dishes. The skill comes in finding a balance between the two to keep our guests happy, and this is why we stress the importance of numerous tastings, with photos and tasting notes, so everything is as it should be.”

During our interview with Mario, he treated us to some of his dishes, and it’s easy to see why he gained so much popularity over the years. The dishes on offer included pani puri with pineapple, jal jeera with ginger vodka, papadi chat, dhokla with tamarind chutney, balentine of chicken tandoori with Bombay potato and mahkni sauce, each were as mouth watering as the last.

12264-2D-867 12264-2D-763Photos courtesy of Raj Takhar | Xpressions Photography

Mario has always said that to cook good South Asian food is all about the right balance of flavours. It’s something which he has always held dear to him, along with mixing the traditional with modern in regards to presentation.

Finally, we couldn’t go without asking Mario to give some advice to couples planning the perfect wedding menu, to which he replied – “I would emphasise the importance of menu tastings, so that we can make sure everything is just how the couple hoped and exactly how it will be on the day. Once everything is exactly to their tastes, we document and photograph it, which removes any surprises and avoids any unnecessary stress on the day. This allows them to fully enjoy their big day, which, after all, is why they come to us and it is our absolute pleasure to see!”

BeFunky_Screen Shot 2014-09-26 at 08.jpgPhoto courtesy of The Four Seasons

With the success of South Asian cuisine at the Four Seasons continuing to grow, along with Mario’s stardom, he stays to his roots as a family man, with a deep passion for cooking – feeding his guests with the same love as he does at home xx

Community News – Savoy Weddings by Bruce Russell Launches

Strand-entrance-copy-1024x680Last Thursday a select group got together at The Savoy for the launch of Think Shaadi Community Member Savoy Weddings by Bruce Russell. An entirely personal and expert wedding service available from the moment a prospective bride and groom contact The Savoy.

The guests included Community Members Elizabeth Solaru from Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, Leanne Roberts-Hewitt from Wild About and Florist Philippa Craddock.

Bruce is one of the top wedding planners in London and heads up a dedicated team who will oversee the entire wedding experience from the moment an enquiry is made through to the big day itself and until the very last guest has departed.

The immaculate launch took place in The Savoy’s Royal Suite. Spread over the front of the entire 5th floor, the suite offers some of the most magnificent views of the Thames. There is seamless luxury throughout the suite; with a customised mattress priced at £25,000, to ensure you receive the royal treatment. 

If you have not had an opportunity yet to experience this luxury, check out this virtual tour with the Head Butler, Sean Davoren to know what we are talking about!