Call for Specialty Luxury Design Bloggers

Think Shaadi is a beautiful and dedicated digital space that helps the bride-to-be design an

unforgettable wedding experience. We showcase a fusion of the best South Asian and Western

luxury houses to offer a selection of excellent products and services, helping couples craft their

memorable day.

Few favourite things…with finesse and flair

As a guest blogger, you will communicate the craftsmanship, design expertise, heritage and

specialties of our partner brands and the personalities behind them, taking readers through a fine

experience through your eyes.

In addition to a passion for design, luxury spaces and special event creation, we are looking for

individuals with an appreciation for the skills and consideration that goes into producing exceptional

garments, cuisine, beauty articles, accompaniments and so on.

Insider Access…

Writing for us will give you access to the best wedding designers and artisans in the UK and India.

You will also be among the first to know about wedding industry events and the chance to go along

to individual shows. Your writing will also be exposed to leading luxury brands across the world.

Contributing to Think Shaadi will introduce you to our select network and is an opportunity to be

part of something truly unique.

Register your interest by email to thinkshaadiblog [at] gmail [dot] com, attaching examples of your work or portfolio. video posts expressing your interest are also welcome.