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Chal le Chal – Behind the Scenes

Last week we at Think Shaadi had the privilege of showing you an innovative new project from our partners at The Wedding Filmer. One of India’s most sort after wedding videographers composed their own song for newlyweds Neha and Ravi. Titled ‘Chal le Chal’ and sung by Devangi Chopra, the song is a cover of Dust to Dust by the Civil Wars.

In this exclusive behind-the-scenes video, you will see the sheer amount of effort and care taken to create this slice of musical magic. The score was carefully crafted for the couple, bringing the unique aspects of Neha and Ravi’s love truly centre stage. With it’s sweet yet passionate lyrics, the score encapsulated the magnificence and brevity of eternal love.

As you will see, the team delved deep into their creative minds to really explore this new form of bespoke.

Enjoy! Xx

Nikki Tibbles: Luxury Florist

Launched in 1993, Nikki Tibbles Wild at Heart has been creating exceptional floral displays for events and weddings across London and the UK, drawing inspirations from a range of sources, Nikki Tibbles is famed for creativity and quality, bringing aesthetic beauty to the forefront, not to mention artistic innovation.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 16.09.17

For Think Shaadi Boutique, which took place at the chic May Fair hotel and featured new collections by legendary Indian fashion designers Suneet Varma and Tarun Tahiliani, as well as accessories supremo Judith Leiber. The event was set beautifully by Nikki Tibbles, who created several eye-catching bespoke arrangements, of pink and purple hydrangea, pink piano and spray roses, purple and blue delphinium, guelder rose and clematis and placed them into golden brass urns and bronze fish bowls which were placed around the room to complement the space in a fun and uplifting way.

Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.56.27

On the inspiration for the arrangements, Nikki Tibbles says – “For the flowers, we took inspiration from the vibrant fabric colours used in the stunning bridal collections at the showcase.” The designs were a vibrant and exotic mix of colours and brought a great joie de vivre to the event.


Screen Shot 2015-06-11 at 12.56.54

Nikki Tibbles went on to say – “We put together a sumptuous mix of bright and bold seasonal flowers to accentuate the intricately beaded dresses and floral paisley patterns, and of course the exclusive Judith Leiber rose clutch which we absolutely loved.”


The bespoke floral arrangements included pink and purple hydrangea, pink piano roses, spray roses and guelder roses, purple and blue delphinium, and clematis. They were displayed in golden brass urns and bronze fish bowls which were placed around the room to complement the space in a fun and uplifting way.


These outstanding arrangements, with their hypnotic colours and perfect form delighted guests and designers alike.


Cutture London: Inspiring Designs

When their first commission came in 2009, Cutture London was officially born and it’s from there on that the husband and wife team behind it all – Dominic and Helen Sharland – have been experimenting with laser printing, producing some of the most exceptional wedding and event invitations in the business. The whole concept of laser printing, particularly to such an elaborate degree, is uncharted territory for many, designers and stationers alike, so Cutture has well and truly pushed the boundaries.



For Think Shaadi Boutique, our event staged at The May Fair Hotel, which showcased new designs by Suneet Varma, Tarun Tahiliani and Judith Leiber, Cutture gave us a beauty of a design, our invitations were fashioned in black, white and gold, and took their inspiration from the designs of Suneet Varma, Tarun Tahiliani and Judith Leiber. The result saw a mini tableau of dancing and merriment, rendered in the manner of an silhouette play.

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 21.36.29

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 21.36.43

The essential part of Cutture’s ethos is creative freedom, Dominic and Helen have made it a given that customers really have the final say, and in what direction to take each design. A truly refreshing way to work. The conclusions are always a success. Having previously worked in graphic design, the couple understand the need to take risks and explore new territories.



Ever since they began with laser cutting, way back in 2006, which was originally for architectural modeling, they launched themselves into a world of intricate experimentation, one which has still not come to an end. This adventurer spirit isn’t just restricted to design itself, differing materials also explored “Cutture is always open to using different materiality and has a sister company, Cleartouch Perspex designs which specialises in acrylic stationery. Printing processes range predominantly from silk screen printing to digital, letterpress, engraving, foiling which all work well with laser cut technology.”




Gaining a wealth of fans from the world of the great and the good, Cutture and it team of designers, who each and every one, possess that same spirit of creating beauty from simplicity, are trailblazing into a new world, one in which many are still to catch up with.

Think Shaadi Showcase: The Jewel of Mayfair

On the 27th February, in the luxurious surroundings of the world renowned Mayfair Hotel, a group of artisans, invited by Think Shaadi came together, and created something truly unique, an event that melded the aesthetics of East and West, in a feast of fine craftsmanship, executed with angelic precision.


Stylish designs comprising of wedding gowns, cakes, floral displays and jewellery were a delectable feast for the eyes. With a coterie of 250 guests, from high-society, the luxury industry and media, the Jewel of Mayfair was a triumphant experiment in bringing differing aspects of the luxury wedding industry to one place.

The Event was captured on film by the photographic pioneers at Muse Motion Pictures, who took some exceptional shots of this wondrous creativity. We have to give them special thanks for beautifully capturing our first showcase.

The Jewel of Mayfair was designed by Scarlet Events, who have in the past created some outstanding events for clients in the luxury, arts, design and lifestyle sectors. The Jewel of Mayfair was orchestrated with four specific jewel themes – ruby, emerald, sapphire and diamond. The team at Scarlet Events choose the colours to showcase prevalent themes in weddings, but also jewels which typify luxury to the finest degree. It was a rich palette for the designers to work with, and what emerged was a hypnotic fairy tale.




The Ruby room, situated in the Dazinger suite, evoked a certain regal quality, tinged with romance. Featuring a 50-foot long table, decorated with vintage gold ornamentation and replete with a variety of flowers, including Grand Prix Roses, burgundy tulips, red spray roses et al, along with fresh pomegranates, figs and grapes. The tables centrepiece was a magnificent six tier cake, inspired by the Baroque period, it was a dramatic explosion of sugary glory, festooned with edible roses, so intricately designed they looked real.

The cake was the work of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium. Founded by artisan Elizabeth Solaru, who oversees each design from her London based workshop. Elizabeth’s cakes are all about pushing the boundaries of sugar craft, keeping luxury and artistic realism at the forefront. From celebration cakes to cupcakes, Elizabeth has courted the attention of such media luminaries as Vogue, Conde Nast Brides and Hello magazine amongst many others.



To encapsulate the essence of romance, place settings were styled by Whitehouse. A company that emerged from a passion to supply the finest crockery and glassware, Whitehouse have become renowned in the event industry for their unique tastes, sourcing each of their products from around the world, and supplying to a wealth of high profile clients. Their raison d’etre is to create elegance in a variety of forms.

The icing on the cake for the table design was the etched menus, fashioned in a gorgeous style and finished in gold. They were the brainchild of Intricate Creations, a company that works on the cutting edge of design, producing contemporary, laser-cut wedding and event stationary. Despite their thoroughly modern design approach, Intricate Creations gather their inspirations from a variety of sources, from nature, the arts and of course history. Their menu designs echoed strongly artistic motifs of the Baroque, which complimented the cake perfectly.



A Bespoke four course dinner, for 52 lucky people, was arranged by Cinnamon Club and celebrity chef Vivek Singh of Cinnamon Restaurants. Epitomising culinary innovation, Cinnamon Club are synonymous with mouth-watering cuisine, melding a variety of flavours and recipes from around the globe, of course always made from the finest British produce. Cinnamon Club’s reputation is cemented thanks to two things, an old fashioned love for good food and a solid work ethic grounded in creativity.

The vintage style furniture came from Great Hire. A company that devotes its energies to shunning mediocrity, and embracing elegance and masterful quality furnishings. Really paying attention to each client’s desires and delivering only the very best.


JOM - E0018

The Upper Atrium was transformed into the Sapphire room, with a distinctly Parisian feel, the theme was brought to life using predominantly blue brocade linen and French furniture. Hyacinths, forget-me-nots and hydrangeas were the dominant flowers for this setting, giving a tinge of rustic romance.

The Sapphire room was particularly relaxed and a social atmosphere prevailed, with a cocktail bar at the far end, with experimental cocktails by Drinks Fusion. Established in 2006, Drinks Fusion are all about providing thirst quenching bespoke cocktails, having worked with high profile clients in the arts, design, fashion and lifestyle sectors, to quote the team their ethos is “to bring a unique experience to our clients by providing the opportunity to taste some of the world’s finest spirits, wines and food, in a classic, contemporary and inspirational way, using only the finest ingredients.”




The bar area was illuminated perfectly, thanks to lighting by Smoking Gun Events. A company that leads the way in creating events that cater to individual tastes and needs impeccably, they are the leaders in event lighting, understanding that an event cannot shine if it isn’t properly lit.


The Sapphire Room also showcased the stylish and masculine tailoring of Paul Jheeta, whose suits encapsulate a mix of contemporary aesthetics and age old craftsmanship, rooted firmly in quality. Paul began his career back in 1997, working under the tutelage of Antony Price, he quickly stood out as a star tailor, understanding the minutiae of this very specific sartorial environment. After a number of years perfecting his craft, he launched his own label ‘Paul Jheeta’ back in 2008, since becoming a giant of Savile Row.




The mezzanine, being the first section guests encountered as they entered the event, was where the Emerald room was arrange, once again a regal, imperial essence emanated from this display. There were two very prominent colours, which complimented one another, green and gold.

The front table was centred on a giant floral display, by the king of floristry Rob Van Helden. An unrivaled master in creating ethereal beauty, Dutch born Rob has provided some of the most awe inspiring bouquets etc. since 1986, garnering a reputation as an artist of merit.



A man who sees the potential to create artistic grandeur with flowers, he has put his Midas touch to floral designs across Europe, Asia, the Far East, the Gulf and the USA, including Princess Margaret’s 70th birthday, Elton John’s civil partnership; the Beckhams’ World Cup party; the Alfred Dunhill Cup; Pierce Brosnan’s wedding and the James Bond film premieres.

An eye popping six tier cake by Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, decorated with gold paisley designs, along with edible gold roses acted as the perfect partner for Rob’s floral designs.


Further along, a mini-exhibition took place, with famed couture design house Oscar de la Renta displaying some of their new collection. Oscar de la Renta emerged in the swinging sixties, with an idea of creating a luxury goods company that embraced femininity and pristine aesthetics, incorporating influences from the art historical to nature and design. Despite Oscar himself passing away last year, his label dominates the bridal design scene, creating collections that brides the world over clamor for.

For the Jewel of Mayfair, Oscar de la Renta exhibited several bridal and cocktail dresses, in panoply of pastel shades, from white to yellow. The collection was also sported by graceful models, who looked every inch like seraphim’s, gliding around the exhibit.



The models hair was styled by Aamir Naveed, a man who views hairdressing as an art form, not just an ephemeral luxury. Aamir has reworked the entire concept, creating styles that compliment a woman’s personality as well as outer beauty. He is a much sought after stylist, being the lead stylist for international fashion designer Sabyasachi Mukherji, amongst other things.

Make-up was by Ambreen, an innovative make-up artist who’s supplied her talents to a smorgasbord of celebrities from the UK, as well as Bollywood. What is unique about Ambreen is her ability to perfectly balance subtlety with extravagance. Like a true artist, she looks beyond the superficial, applying makeup that compliments bone structure, facial contours etc. Ambreen’s essential goal is to enrich a person’s youthful vitality.


Finally, the models were given some exceptional henna designs from H Beauty. Headed by Halimah Abubacker, H Beauty reaches back into the depths of Indian history to recreate henna designs, giving of course a hint of the contemporary. She is much in demand from the media and beauty industry.

Adding the final touch of glamour to the Emerald room was the Entertainment Design Company, who exhibited some of their simply spell bounding invitation designs. A great favourite with our guests. The Entertainment Design Company is an atelier who creates stationary unlike any other, every design, no matter whether it’s big or small, is given the same attention that Michelangelo gave his sculpture of David. Making sure that the design is precise and most importantly always individual. The Entertainment Design Company has turned the previously simple matter of stationary design into an art form of sheer magnificence.


The Diamond room was featured in the Lower Atrium, and its theme was one of ethereal and delicate intimacy, with a Perspex table and chairs, which framed the magnificent Phalaenopsis orchids, styled by Rob Van Helden, glassware by Whitehouse and of course Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium’s five tier cake, with its stunning pearl sugar peacock.

JOM-12 JOM-25 JOM-50IMG_5126

Adjacent was another mini-exhibition, which saw the Queen of accessory design Judith Leiber’s quirky and luxurious clutch bags. The American luxury brand is world famous for its ability to mix the fun and creative with the stylish. A firm favourite for celebrities to sport on the red carpet. Judith Leiber works on the belief that flawless design and minute attention to detail is what creates the beauty of the finished product.





Opposite were some immensely detailed and superbly crafted shoe designs, from the London based designer Aruna Seth. A seasoned socialite with a passion for beautiful things, Aruna Seth went about launching her own design house, which catered to women who appreciate the beauty of shoe design, just as she does.




The result of her creative endeavours is a brand that masters the art of luxury. Her designs are intensely unique, usually featuring floral and butterfly motifs. The chic shoes are crafted from the finest materials in the world, from leather, silk, ribbons and more. Both collections were exhibited on top of mirrored plinths.

JOM-42 JOM-36

The final Aladdin’s cave of the Jewel of Mayfair was the Luxury lounge. An ordinary conference room was transformed into a bastion of colour and craftsmanship. The goal was to create a boutique like experience for the guests, with £2.5 million worth of jewellery and watches.



The jewellery came from Amrapali, a brand born in the regal state of Rajasthan, the city of kings. Its two founders Rajiv Arora & Rajesh Ajmera were history lovers in every sense of the word, with such a devoted passion for the art of the past they set up about launching Amrapali. They are renowned for creating jewellery that in unapologetically grand and regal. Each piece is crafted to personify the rich heritage of India, marking them out with a contemporary twist.


The watches were from Watches of Switzerland, who source some of the finest time pieces from artisans across Europe. Watches of Switzerland are a company that pay a great deal of attention to finding wrist watches that make a man or woman stand out from the crowd. Carefully procuring designs from such luxury industry stalwarts as Cartier, Rolex and Jaeger-LeCoultre et al.

Image credits: Muse Motion Pictures

Aromatic Joy: Fenttiman London


Fenttiman candles possess a particular quality. The ingenious combination of aromas is what launches Fenttiman into the stratosphere, this coupled with their luxuriously classic, yet modern aesthetics. The aromatic mixture of scents, ranging from lemongrass and mint, magnolia and bay to jasmine and sandalwood and nutmeg and geranium set Fenttiman apart from their contemporaries.


Founded by Josh Fenttiman, the company now supplies a range of top London hotels and is the favourite of many a scented candle connoisseur. It’s not hard to see why Fenttiman London has grown in popularity so quickly, Josh’ fastidious craftsmanship is worthy of a fine artist.


Josh has what can only be described as the Midas touch, with careful consideration, by mixing high-end design with alchemist like precision; he’s created a brand with character and above all a sense of unparalleled perfection.


With the candles all designed and crafted in Britain, embracing both the feminine and masculine taste, Fenttiman’s is a brand to be proud of.

Photos courtesy of Fenttiman London

The Chocolatier: Moments of Pleasure


With careful craftsmanship and exceptional exploration of flavours, Aneesh Popat aka The Chocolatier works a certain kind of magic creating a delectable array of chocolates. Stocked by some of Britain’s finest luxury purveyors, such as Harrods, Selfridges and Southerden Pastry Store, Aneesh has gained a wealth of customers.


Influenced by many leading chefs and experimentalists, including famed French chemist Dr. Hervé This, previously to his launch into the world of chocolate creation, Aneesh spent many years training in science and mathematics; it’s true to say that this voracious intellectual mind has been a great resource in conjuring together the array of flavours and designs.


In recent interview with YCT, Aneesh said how his mathematical mind runs in conjunction with his craft – “I look at a variety of ingredients at any one time, analysing their compatibility based on the flavour components within them. Some of the combinations are most “interesting” and it’s always nice to surprise the palate especially when the brain is expecting it to taste incompatible, when in actual fact – it works! I am a pure Mathematician – so I have been trained to think outside the box, to think in dimensions we do not experience. I feel this has helped to conceptualise in a much more efficient and effective way.”


The Chocolatier’s delightfully mouth watering collections range from water ganache, mini cusines, and bars, hot chocolate and individual creations. Aneesh has also created chocolates for luxury fragrance companies, matching with their scents, yet another unique and enviable aspect to The Chocolatier.


His mathematical background aside, Aneesh also galvanises his British upbringing with his Indian heritage, fusing together a flurry of flavours from rose and cinnamon to his most notable of concoctions chilli and lime.


Aneesh was voted amongst the 1000 most influential Londoners in 2013, and is gaining new clients by the day. We at Think Shaadi are honoured to have The Chocolatier as a member of the Think Shaadi family.

Photos courtesy of The Chocolatier

The Amazing Magic Singh

With clients ranging from Smirnoff Vodka, Glastonbury Festival and Topshop, and being a favourite of The Black Eyed Peas and Amitabh Bachchan, amongst others, Magic Singh (real name Amardeep Singh Dhanjal) is riding on the crest of a very successful wave. A magician who packages his magic in the most unique ways possible, he’s become one of the most sought after magic men in his field.

Magic Singh galvanises his passion and presents it in a thoroughly modern way. With magic finding itself fully rejuvenated over recent years, it’s now become a cool and highly appreciated talent, with TV, festivals and theatres clamoring to book the latest talent.

It’s thanks to men like Magic Singh for bringing magic back to its rightful place, at the very heart of the entertainment industry. Singh has created a name for himself as a true trail blazer, creating tricks and illusions that baffle the mind, but definitely make you want to see more.

His career has seen him join the mysterious and auspicious Magic Circle, contribute to global broadcasting giants like the BBC, specifically in an episode of the acclaimed documentary series Horizon and a range of high-profile events across the UK and further afield.

Some of his mind blowing include, floating sweets in the air, biting through coins using his teeth, a chosen playing card discovered in an orange fruit within the audience, spectators’ watches appearing on Magic Singh’s arm and having soft snow materialise out of thin air.

As one of the most sought after magicians in the UK, we’re honoured and delighted to have Magic Singh as a partner at Think Shaadi. We are sure his success will continue to sky rocket.

Photos courtesy of Magic Singh and Amit Amin and Naroop Singh Jhooti

Honey Kalaria: Dancer Extraordinaire


In the field of dance, Honey Kalaria is at the top of her game. A dancer, choreographer and actress, who has worked with household names such as Shahrukh Khan, Hrithik Roshan and Aishwarya Rai, involved with famous productions such as Bride and Prejudice, Bombay Dreams and It’s a Wonderful Afterlife, and featured on a variety of top UK TV shows including This Morning, Top of the Pops and MTV’s Bust a Move.

Is true to say that Honey is a media darling, she’s also a record breaker, breaking the Guinness Book of World Records on Sky TV, by getting the largest number of studio audience to learn Bollywood dance in the shortest time.

Honeys Dance Academy was launched in 1997. Based in Ilford, Essex, the Academy offers the most unique dance training in the UK, specialising in Bollywood dance. But it’s not just dance training that Honey and her academy offers, also provides Bollywood Dancers and Choreography services to stage spectacular dance entertainment at weddings.


HDA wedding entertainment packages can also feature a collection of interactive services to make the Bollywood entertainment experience more memorable – From fun dance Workshops staged at Mehndi nights, amazing dance routines taught to friends and relatives to perform at family weddings, providing social dance training to enable any beginner to perform basic dance steps at parties, right through to step by step dance training offered to wedding couples to transform them into graceful performers for their special first dance.


For her creativity with dance, Honey has garnered much praise, with the Evening Standard saying – “Honey Kalaria combines the sparkly enthusiasm of an electric fence with the smile of a girl who’s just won Miss Universe.” Honey is a gem of the industry, we at Think Shaadi hope her success continues to grow. Xx

Rosewood London: Typifying Edwardian Glamour

Rosewood London

It’s difficult to define luxury in one sentence; however two words certainly conjure the right thoughts and images when one thinks of luxury, Rosewood London.

Rosewood London

The capital’s latest luxury hotel, Rosewood London, based in Holborn, is a sprawling building, completed in 1914, and after extensive renovation finally opened its doors to an anticipatory clientele last year. We at Think Shaadi would like to congratulate Rosewood London on celebrating their 1 year anniversary this month, and of course for winning a wealth of awards and accolades over the last few months, including Best New Hotel in the World at the UltraTravel 100 Awards, Hotel of the Year at AA Hospitality Awards, Hotel of the Year 2014 at the Virtuoso Best of the Best Awards, along with being included in Conde Nast Traveler’s Hot List and Best Travel + Leisure in It List.

Rosewood London

An oasis of relaxation, slap bang in the heart of Britain’s bustling metropolis, Rosewood London is an impressive historic building, Edwardian in its facade, with typical French motifs, and a large courtyard, reminiscent of a French chateau. What we must remember is that King Edward VII was a devout Francophile, and during his short reign British architecture reflected that.

Rosewood London

Walking into this vast, carefully looked after, courtyard, you are taken back by the fairytale exterior. Rich in elaborate brocades and distinctly French filigree patterns, it’s easy to see why Rosewood London has caused a stir amongst luxury connoisseurs.

Rosewood London

Inside the theme is something of a mixture, the designs do not fit with one particular era, instead Rosewood London decided to recapture the luxury of differing times.

Rosewood London

The accommodations, event spaces and public areas were designed by the world renowned Tony Chi and Associates, who brought the intoxicating flavours of minimalism and understated beauty together, giving the areas a magnificently relaxing and comfortable feel, yet never negating the age old feel of luxury, which the building possesses in spades.

Rosewood London

Tony Chi and Associates worked with an array of materials including lacquer, textured wood veneers and prismatic mirrors, to create this elegant fusion of modernity and old world style. The rooms are distinctly Tony Chi and Associates, with his highly recognisable stamp across it.

Rosewood London_Deluxe Room Detail

It’s wonderfully evocative, Tony Chi and Associates has created the perfect setting for honeymooners, travellers and anyone with a desire to simultaneously get away from it all, yet be at the centre of all London has to offer.

Holborn Dining Room 3

Holborn Dining Room and Delicatessen offers guests a warm and cosy atmosphere, yet is in no way cramped or cluttered. Designed by another world renowned artisan Martin Brudnizki, the theme feels a little like a New York speakeasy from the 1920’s, mixing a rich array of chic furniture, with a touch of the old and outstanding wood and mirror motifs.

Rosewood London

A striking salon tucked away in the heart of Rosewood London, the Mirror Room is the social hub of the hotel, offering innovative, elegant dining and afternoon tea. A veritable jewel box of a dining room, with mirrors on the walls and ceiling, the tables are laid with exquisite Limoges china, sparkling crystal and refined silverware. Whether meeting for a relaxed breakfast, light lunch, afternoon tea or a decadent dinner, it is the place to see and be seen on High Holborn.

Rosewood London

Rosewood London offers a selection of inspiring spaces to host a special event. The heritage Chairman Boardrooms showcase original architectural features of the former Pearl Assurance building whilst the Living Room provides a contemporary venue with eccentric artwork and intricate design details.

Rosewood London_Scarfes Bar 4

Gerald Scarfe, renowned British artist and caricaturist has lent his name and artistic vision to Scarfes Bar where his collection of amusing and conversation-provoking paintings adorn the marble walls. A creative menu of cocktails and complimentary live music six nights a week all add to the conviviality and certainly give true meaning to the phrase ‘get scarfed’  at Gerald’s eponymous bar where potions and paintings meet.

Rosewood London

Rosewood London is an outstanding achievement in luxury and high-end service. It adds to London’s status as the prime destination for all those dedicated to savouring the joys of luxury.

Photos Courtesy of Rosewood London