The ‘Solely’ Honeymoon Lookbook Each Fashionable-day Couple Wants

Hitched & Clicked

Hitched & Clicked

Hola newlyweds! Now that you’re done hopping from one wedding shopping market to another to shop for your big day, spare a moment to pat your backs because you finally made it as Man & Wife; looking your stylish best. We’re so proud of the two of you! But, if you think that was it, we hate to burst your bubble.

Honeymoon wardrobe is the next big thing after the wedding wardrobe for every modern-day couple. And why shouldn’t it be?! Your honeymoon look should be as picture-perfect as your honeymoon destination. We did burst your bubble but we do not intend to leave you alone to face the honeymoon wardrobe blues. We’ve put together our most-favourite honeymoon looks inspired by real couples. Scroll through and take that dose of inspiration.

Tropical Honeymoon

Image Courtesy: Bruised Passports

Image Courtesy: Tanvi Puri of Tanvi & Co.

Image Courtesy: Kapetanakis Studios

One of the most favoured kinds of honeymoons are the tropical ones – taking long walks along-side the beach with sand in your toes, hair and clothes. Dressing for a beach-side honeymoon can be really tricky but not when you have style gurus like us. Ditch the basic bikinis and think bodysuits with sarongs, cape-style dresses and printed shirts.

Must Haves for Tropical Honeymoons: Short dresses, chinos, short denim, shorts, full-length airy dresses, florals, flip flops, light accessories & sunnies.

Snowcapped Honeymoon

Image Courtesy: Masoom Minawala

Image Courtesy: Bruised Passports

When it’s biting cold and even 7 layers of clothing fail to keep you cosy, you know you’re doing it wrong. Packing for a winter honeymoon is easier said than done. You are bound to overpack your luggage with plenty of pullovers and jackets while the trick remains to keep a few staples handy. Over-sized fur-lined jackets, fuzzy thigh-high boots, knit caps, gloves and high-neck pullovers are your best bet.

Must Haves for Snow-capped Honeymoons: Puffed jackets, fur-lined overcoats, velvet or leather leggings, thigh-high boots, thermals and warm beanies.

Country-side Honeymoon

Image Courtesy: Diipa Khosla

Destination Photographers

Destination Photographers 

Image Courtesy: Wild Soulmates

We personally love country-side honeymoons since they’re super rustic and romantic. Breezy outfits with little definition would go a long way. Move over cowboy hats or boots and slip into shift dresses and chino shorts with casual sneakers or espadrilles.

Must Haves for Tropical Honeymoons: Shift dresses, sneakers, chino shorts or pants, light accessories, crop-top with flared high-waisted skirts and linen shirts.

Cityscape Honeymoon

Image Courtesy: Diipa Khosla

Beginnings for You
Beginnings for You


Image Courtesy: Mike Kire, Rome

If you’re planning to take yourself on a city spree for your honeymoon, get your fancy wardrobe out. If some days would be about splurging on the local streets of the city, some days are bound to posh star-lit restaurants, elite brunches. Long over-coats, classy gown dresses and suave accessories are exactly what you’ll need to get your honeymoon style on point.

Must Haves for Cityscape Honeymoons: Long coats, mufflers, simple gown dresses, semi-formal shirts, tapered skirts and some edgy accessories.

Adventurous Honeymoon

Image Courtesy: Riya Patel

If your honeymoon itinerary involves hiking, trekking, adventure sports or even road-tripping, ditch the boring sweatshirt and tracksuits. Think blazers over hoodies and comfy chinos over sweatpants to make the most of your fairy-lit camps in the midst of a forest with a flaming bonfire.

Must Haves for Adventurous Honeymoons: Comfy tracks, sweatshirts, over-sized blazers, backpacks, joggers, running shoes and caps.

We know ‘what to wear’ is a constant and universal dilemma for everyone out there when it comes to dressing up for special occasions, and honeymoons are no different. They demand you to look as happening as ever and dress for it. So whatever your honeymoon destination may be, we got you covered.

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– Written by Bhavika Vallecha

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