Alberta Ferretti Limited Edition Collection 2016

Think sixteenth chapel art; invasion majestic jewels and treasures; imagine a regal palace’s glorious interiors woven into a beautifully sophisticated garment that gleams royalty.

This is Albera Ferretti’s latest collection for 2016, her gowns have been brought to life using fabulously bright materials decorated with historic and majestic art.

The First of the collection is a piece that has been designed from something you would expect to see hand painted on the ceiling of a grand church or palace. The shape of the dress defines the femininity of the women across the neckline and waist, this gown maintains sophistication and grace, yet embodies fine detailing.

I must admit I do adore the colours that are brought out. Starting with a fine dusted gold for the arms and shoulders that mold into a much bolder rich gold tone which boarder a more heavenly picture of flowers blooming in the clouds.

The details of the flowers and the border around it are brought out by the rest of the gown; being shaded in a polished green as if straight off the walls of the Romanov palace. The model looks as though she has stepped out of a painting!

My favorite design from Alberta’s Limited Edition collection has to be the stunning Gold Chalice Gown, (This is what I have personally named it). This magnificent dress has been dipped in a lush gold complete with fine and elegant detailing.

Although, not unfortunately having seen the dress in person I can only imagine in my mind that as the model floats down the catwalk, all the intricate features glisten as she moves. Again the design and style of the dress has been kept to a very modern taste with the strapless bodice and long A Line skirt that enhances her hips. Added to this gown is a stunning Jacket adorned with an even more detailed pattern and texture to it, bringing out a much more modern touch.

On this particular model however, Ferretti has given the dresses each there own style, while staying with the same rich gold’s, the length and detailing are slightly different. The dress that shows off the jacket has a more daring approach by showing off the ankles to the Grecian sandals worn beneath.

Now the next design I absolutely fell in love with! Not only is it ordained with stunning golden lace like the other beauties, but also, it is as if the gowns have been dipped in Ruby’s! An amazingly bright red that shimmers as the model walks gracefully across the room. It makes me think of the Queens’s jewels locked away safely in the Tower of London.

Both dresses keep the same materials and colours but different in their shapes and lengths, one kept beautifully conservative with a crystal white patterned shoulders and sleeves then gracefully transforming into the ruby red ornate dress. The other a perfect dress fit for a shorter woman, a knee length, and strapless A-line gown that shows off the models slender legs and again the amazing Grecian styled heels to match.

Now being a wedding blogger, I did notice that Ferretti used her wild imagination to create a very unique white dress that could be used as a wedding gown! Although a very untraditional style, I would so love to see them on brides! I think it would look incredible in a venue such as the Dorchester or Banqueting Hall.

These Dresses are only the beginning of this glorious Limited Collection! In-keeping with the theme Alberta Ferretti maintained the bold colours to her designs, making each one with personality and attitude.

Using styles for the young modern woman to the sophisticated older Lady, her gowns drip in grace, intelligent and culture. View more of her Limited Edition Collection below.



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Photo Credits: World Of Alberta Ferretti