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Gifts for the Groom

In the great matrimonial adventure, the groom rarely gets a mention aside from during the traditional rituals, which require a good deal thought and attention, often the focus is on the bride and the wedding party. However, there is a shift happening, with weddings becoming more individualistic, the time has come for grooms to take a bit more centre stage, especially where gift giving is concerned.

Now, you can never go wrong with a watch. It’s one of those essential gifts that any man would be pleased with, and if it’s a wedding gift, then it’s guaranteed to give an extra piece of sentimental value to his big day.

Our wonderful Think Shaadi partners Watches of Switzerland offer a handsome variety of beautifully designed and carefully chosen watches. Founded in 1924, Watches of Switzerland have garnered an implacable reputation over the years, known for their style and finesse.

With a range of watches, from Rue Du Rhone and Breitling to Cartier and Rolex, the choices really are endless, and cater to a variety of high-end tastes.

Of course, one of the best gifts to give a groom is a finely designed suit. Ranging from the traditional to the contemporary, there’s a wealth of styles to choose from. Think Shaadi partner Paul Jheeta, is one of our particular favourites.

Paul is bespoke tailor, who operates on the prestigious and world famous Savile Row. It’s a close-knit establishment, but Paul, with his tenacity and talent, managed to literally become part of the fabric at Savile Row. Training in intensive pattern cutting, stand modelling and garment making for ladies and men’s wear, then working with the genius Antony Price.

Having worked and trained with some of the best in the industry, Paul has perfected his talents to a fine degree.

Paul works an effortless magic in creating classic suits of both Western and South Asian tradition, the stitching is always perfect and the over all execution is second to none.

So, here is just two ideas in which to genuinely show the groom some love and attention.

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