Capturing the Magic Moment

Lovely young couple eating on romantic dinner

Gentlemen, say you want to propose to your lovely lady in December and before that heart pounding day arrives, you hire a professional photographer who will capture the moments of the proposal; secretly of course. Fast forward to February 14th, Valentine’s Day, over a romantic dinner with your lady, you present to her a beautifully bound album with photographs of that momentous day when she said yes to your marriage proposal; imagine that! There is no better gift to take her breath away guys.

As you plan to propose and have that unique moment captured in the utmost perfect way possible, you need to find a great location. It’s like this; do you want the backdrop of your proposal to be a serene mountainous top, the crashing of waves on the sea, a group of loved ones or maybe, a luxurious dining room in a fancy hotel? Remember that the location will help in telling your love story for years to come.

PS, choose a location that your lady will be utterly comfortable with. What I mean is, say she’s a private person and does not enjoy much attention to her; a public proposal might not be such a good idea because she will feel awkward and then you will have awkward moments captured on camera. So, if for example she adores glitz and glamour, a fancy, private, dining room in a luxurious hotel would perfectly do. A head start for such locations in case you’re wondering are The Dorchester or Claridges in the UK.


Secondly, you absolutely need a professional photographer, preferably one that specializes in capturing special moments.

The day of the proposal to me, is as important as the day of the wedding; oddly though, not so many people have a record to show off the day of their proposal other than an engagement ring and their loved one beside them. That said, let’s be the ones to tell the stories of our special moments differently, with pictures, pictures which will always say more than our words.

By Ainaeny Kiwelu


Aina is a fashion enthusiast with an interest in luxury brands with a strong heritage.  She  enjoys writing and designing, publishing articles on her blog at and on Facebook

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