The Wedding Day Present


The wedding day present is something that is traditionally given by the Groom to his Bride. It’s usually something boxed or wrapped that is delivered to the Bride as she’s getting ready, or at least that’s how I recall it.

Now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with the tradition – it’s a beautiful one that I’m sure leaves every Bride with flutters. It’s a gesture you wouldn’t wish to see the demise of. However why leave it as something that only the Groom does, how about making him the recipient?

A gift for the Groom….

This is something that one of our Bride’s did in quite spectacular fashion. I still don’t know how she managed to hold onto the secret quite so well. In the end it became somewhat of a covert operation. The whole thing was inspired by TV competition “Got to Dance”. There was a particular dancer that the Groom really loved and allegedly inspired him to take up that style of dancing. So much so that he was threatening to bust a few moves on his wedding day (at this point it’s advisable to Google “krumping”).

Photo by David Morgan Photography

A quote was acquired, a phone call made to the Bride and she was in! Fast-forward to the wedding day and the thing we thought was still a secret was only a secret to the Groom. There were cheeky moments where the Bride would look over in anticipation of the signal that he’d arrived. Then we heard he’d been in a car accident…but not to worry he was in a taxi and was still coming.

Photo by David Morgan Photography

The moment it all unfolded was pure magic – seeing an absolutely delighted Bride, an ecstatic Groom and a whole crowd of their guests engrossed in the performance was amazing. In the Groom’s own words it was “the best surprise ever”.

Photo by David Morgan Photography

So although jewels, watches and other boxed gifts are always a delight to receive, taking it up a notch and thinking of something that is really representative of your Bride or Groom can be incredibly effective. Make it a real surprise if you can. And Brides…the wedding day present is no longer just a tradition for the Groom.


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Photos courtesy of David Morgan Photography and Etsy