Intimate and Personal Marriage Proposals

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It’s the time of year the Wedding Industry calls “engagement season”. So any future grooms-to-be how are you going to propose?

Firstly, a proposal should be personal to you both. For example, proposing where you first met or where you had your first date are always popular personal proposal options. It was once very popular to propose by making a very public declaration of love. However, an increasing number of grooms-to-be are now opting for very intimate and personal marriage proposals.

Here are a few more unique yet personal and intimate proposal ideas.

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Incorporating her favourite hobbies. For example, my friend’s partner took her horse riding around Hyde Park and proposed as she was climbing off the horse. Very thoughtful as when she lived in Sweden (her home) she used to ride.

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If there is a beautiful park or a public place you both love visiting why not ask the management or the council if you can have exclusive access in the evening so you both can have a private proposal without any passers by/total strangers.

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Going on holiday to propose is quite a cliché and common thing. However, going to her favourite destination or whisking her away to her dream destination will always be a hit! To make it even more special let the hotel know, get exclusive access to a beautiful beach or a beautiful area around hotel and make it intimate and special.

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Is there something you both wanted to do together? Well here is your chance. Bungee jumping, white water rafting, Safari, whatever it is propose at the end of your adventure and it will surely be special and memorable.

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Doing something she always wanted to do before hand or visit a place she always wanted to go to would mean a great deal and certainly make her feel special. After all a great proposal is about creating the right moment and making it personal.

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By Ishari De Silva,

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