Citizen Khan Presents the TV Wedding of the Year


The hit BBC One sitcom Citizen Khan, brainchild of Adil Ray, featured the very first British-Pakistani-Muslim wedding on primetime TV last Friday. The series has seen a rise in popularity since it began, with its hilarious self-deprecatory humour, with regards to British-Pakistani life.


It was an exceptional episode, which showed a funny take on how Muslim weddings are conducted in the UK. It was the esteemed community leader’s daughter Shazia who finally married Amjad in the episode. Speaking to the Birmingham Mail, the shows creator and star Adil Ray said – “I wanted to have parts of a Western ceremony with nods to a Muslim wedding, to make it unique. There isn’t really a typical Muslim wedding in Britain anymore because everyone has their own ideas. I know of Muslim brides who have got married in white and cut a cake.”


The wedding was a fantastically outrageous mix of Pakistani traditions, with traditional Muslim elaborate headgear for the groom and Westernised bright yellow bridesmaids dresses. Adil went on further to say – “It’s Shazia’s big day and she wants to get her own back on her snarky younger sister Alia by making her wearing a hideously bright yellow dress, along with fellow bridesmaid Debbie (Laura Aikman). An Imam conducts our ceremony and the groom wears an elaborate gold headdress. That has a big part to play in the story.”


Well, we at Think Shaadi thought it was a brilliant episode, and we can’t wait for the Christmas Special. Xx

Photos courtesy of Neil Sherwood