The 400 lb Wedding Dress



Now we’ve seen some truly impressive wedding gowns at Think Shaadi, but this one blows all others out of the water. With nearly one million embellishments and taking three years to make, the dress has caught the attention of the global media.


The Inquisitr said – “The wedding gown took 20,000 hours to complete and consists of almost a million beads. The gown is a size 4, Be says, and is made of 500,000 glass pearls and over 400,000 crystal beads – some of those vintage Swarovski from her personal collection. It has a 20 foot, 6 inch train and took seven miles of beading wire to construct.”

“Gail Be (the designer) financed the gown herself and does not have an estimate of the cost, but with so many beads and so much labor, it is sure to be far more expensive than most people could afford — not to mention being too heavy to wear. Be says the gown weighs nearly 400 pounds.”


A truly impressive achievement of design expertise. The Daily Mail added “Though the designer values those two pieces at $47,500, she was happy to lend them to the pop superstar free of charge in return for the priceless exposure, adding: ‘Of all the fashion houses in the world, she could’ve chosen Armani, Prada, anybody. Why would she pick some woman in the middle of Minnesota that nobody’s ever heard of?’ Ms Be insists she never tried to sell her designs in the past, though she’s finally hoping to get compensated for her work after a recent separation from her husband limited her household income.”


We’re sure our readers would love to try this dress on. Xx

Photos courtesy of Gail Be Designs