The Chocolatier: Moments of Pleasure


With careful craftsmanship and exceptional exploration of flavours, Aneesh Popat aka The Chocolatier works a certain kind of magic creating a delectable array of chocolates. Stocked by some of Britain’s finest luxury purveyors, such as Harrods, Selfridges and Southerden Pastry Store, Aneesh has gained a wealth of customers.


Influenced by many leading chefs and experimentalists, including famed French chemist Dr. Hervé This, previously to his launch into the world of chocolate creation, Aneesh spent many years training in science and mathematics; it’s true to say that this voracious intellectual mind has been a great resource in conjuring together the array of flavours and designs.


In recent interview with YCT, Aneesh said how his mathematical mind runs in conjunction with his craft – “I look at a variety of ingredients at any one time, analysing their compatibility based on the flavour components within them. Some of the combinations are most “interesting” and it’s always nice to surprise the palate especially when the brain is expecting it to taste incompatible, when in actual fact – it works! I am a pure Mathematician – so I have been trained to think outside the box, to think in dimensions we do not experience. I feel this has helped to conceptualise in a much more efficient and effective way.”


The Chocolatier’s delightfully mouth watering collections range from water ganache, mini cusines, and bars, hot chocolate and individual creations. Aneesh has also created chocolates for luxury fragrance companies, matching with their scents, yet another unique and enviable aspect to The Chocolatier.


His mathematical background aside, Aneesh also galvanises his British upbringing with his Indian heritage, fusing together a flurry of flavours from rose and cinnamon to his most notable of concoctions chilli and lime.


Aneesh was voted amongst the 1000 most influential Londoners in 2013, and is gaining new clients by the day. We at Think Shaadi are honoured to have The Chocolatier as a member of the Think Shaadi family.

Photos courtesy of The Chocolatier