Our Top 5 Sherwanis for this Wedding Season

There’s nothing more masculine, more eye catching and more beautiful than a finely designed sherwani for a wedding. Much like female wedding attire, male occasion wear has progressed dramatically in the last 15 years, with numerous collections by famed designers such as Rohit Bal and Manish Malhotra et al, exploring the many facets of sherwani design.

Finding the perfect sherwani is a lot like finding a good car, it needs to feel right, suit your individuality and above all it needs to be exquisitely designed in order to make you stand out from the crowd.

With that being said, we’ve picked the top 5 sherwani’s by some of the best designers in the business.


1. This is from Rohit Bal’s most recent collection, a resplendent piece, the mix of black and gold makes for a classic statement. The pattern is what makes this sherwani stand out, with it’s hypnotic arrangements that were inspired by Mughal prints, although to look at it, there is definitely hints of French Rococo in their too. The black collar and cuffs set the piece off superbly.


2. Amir Adnan is one of Pakistan’s premier menswear designers, favouring the classical styles, he is like a sartorial magician, who mixes just the right amount of patterns, motifs etc, with brilliant stitching, which always culminates in a mesmerising piece. This sherwani from his couture collection is, in one word, regal. First off the pattern is beautiful, yet understated, a lot like most of Amir’s designs, but note the intricacy of the collar and cuff design, with its floral pattern sewn in gold thread, it is overwhelmingly a masculine piece.


3. It’s fair to say that Manish Malhotra has been one of the leading lights in traditional menswear designs, he was in fact one of the first Indian designers to give traditional Indian menswear a makeover, with his creative approach of mixing the old with the new, the indigenous with the western. This is one of his best, it’s understated yet unique and will certainly make you stand out from the crowd. Stripes are always winner, and the rich, warming colour scheme is the icing on the cake.


4. If you’re looking for an unabashed, ornate statement piece, look no further than the mighty Tarun Tahiliani. This is from his 2014 traditional groom collection will blow quite literally blow your mind. Tarun has well and truly put his all into this creation. Th jacquard patterning is lifted from the Mughal period, looking at this it’s definitely from the ostentatious reign of Akbar. From top to bottom, no space is left unseen to, as the rich pattern covers every inch. If you wear this, it will definitely give you a sharp confidence boost.

5. Raghavendra Rathore is the master of creating collections that are drench in ethereal fantasy, this also extends to his menswear collections. This recent piece, with its handsome pairing of gold and purple, it’s a supremely attractive creation. A unique factor is that it does away with the traditional collar, yet certainly doesn’t skimp on the traditional pattern design. It’s one of the most unique that we have come across, in the sense that Raghavendra is clearly pushing the creative limits.

In the end, it’s all about what you think looks good on you, but we feel that these five designers really know how to make a man look his best at a wedding.

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