Support Sephi Bergerson’s Project: Behind The Indian Veil

The amazing Sephi Bergerson, a documentary photographer and Think Shaadi Community Member, came to India in 2002. Fascinated with the idea of documenting Indian weddings, in all their rich diversity, he set out on his journey. Now, he is putting together a beautiful book titled Behind the Indian Veil: Weddings in India.

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A visually rich book, it will explore the uncharted territory of highlighting differing wedding traditions across the country, with each photo painstakingly put together, the effort Sephi and his team have put in to it is truly amazing.

Now in the final stages of production, Sephi needs your help. His IndieGoGo campaign is in its last 5 days, and the goal he needs to reach is $42,000.

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We at Think Shaadi wish Sephi the best of luck and we already know the book will be amazing Xx

To Support the Book, please follow the link here