Alison Price & Company’s Seasonal Wedding Showcase

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A few weeks back, Alison Price & Company launched their seasonal wedding showcase at the ambient Two Temple Place in London. We at Think Shaadi were honoured to be invited along.

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The event was a microcosm of luxury, beauty and grandeur, a true treat to behold. Alison Price & Company has a strong reputation for creating memorable events, where every element is given strict attention, so we were certain it would be an amazing one.

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The seasonal wedding showcase brought together a wealth of talent, from designers, florists, chefs, caterers etc, each one bringing their creativity to the forefront.

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With a concentration on the changing seasons, we sampled a captivating array of treats, including summer deserts, spring afternoon teas and a fantastical winter wonderland bar. The little touches are what made the event extra special, with ornately decorated halls between the showrooms, sweetly designed menus and invitations by Piccolo Press, enchanting background music etc.

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Two of the creatives involved with the showcase were our wonderful Think Shaadi partners, Shane Connolly & Company and Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium.

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The florist Shane Connolly & Company put together some truly show stopping floral arrangements. Working with a palette of rich colours, reds, purples, pinks etc, along with this there were beautiful embellishments with differing berries and summer/autumnal vegetables. It was an evocative display which certainly captured the essence of each season.

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Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium pulled out all the stops, with an ebullient selection of four and six tier wedding cakes, like some Bernini sculpture, the cakes were fashioned in brilliant white with gold motifs, which had a feel reminiscent of the Baroque, lots of intricate patterns and symbols.

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The flower arrangements, some in delicate pastels and others in more piercing tones, gave her designs the perfect touch.

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Fuelled by a wealth of creativity, the old world charm of Two Temple Place was the perfect setting for this showcase. Alison Price & Company, along with the creatives involved, did a truly magical job.

Photos courtesy of Kate Nielen Fine Art Photography