Brad and Angelina’s Child Friendly Wedding

Donatella Versace’s sketch of Angelina’s dress design.

There’s been a stream of celebrity weddings over the past year, from Hollywood to Bollywood, the stars have been getting hitched like it’s going out of fashion! Now, where dresses are concerned, we’ve seen a healthy mixture of beautiful and daring, but it has to be said, none have been more out there than Angelina Jolie’s.

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The sex kitten and queen of Hollywood sent the worlds press into a frenzy with her cascading silk dress and gorgeously crative veil, which featured colourful artwork by the couples children. The dress was personally designed by the matriach of Italian fashion Donatella Versace.

Accessories designer Judith Leiber congratulated the couples nuptials on Instagram. She raved about the Angelina’s idea of incorporating her children’s artwork into her dress design.

It wasn’t just their children’s artwork that played a part, Brad borrowed a tie from his son, and the children took centre stage in the photos. The ceremony was attended by 20 of their close friends. It was the perfect family gathering which finally ended their 9 year courtship.

The ceremony itself was a reltively muted affair, a small ceremony took place at a sweet Catholic chapel, nestled in the grounds of their rustic estate, with Brad humming the wedding march as Angelina glided down the aisle. The couple told Hello Magazine that their children were very hands-on in choosing what they wore and what their roles would be. The boys all wore a mix of white shirts and black suits, trousers and shorts, most of the girls went for white or rainbow coloured dresses.

Brad said “They all took it very seriously. Knox practiced carrying coins and acorns on his little pillow before he got the ring.” After the ceremony, guests were treated to a cake baked by the children. Brad and Angelina’s wedding has to be one of the most child friendly events in celebrity history.

Photos courtesy of the Mademoiselle Jolie tumblr blog.