Christian Louboutin’s Mumbai Bridal Suite


To wear the red soles of Christian Louboutin is a dream for every single bride in the world. Now, brides in India are particularly lucky, being treated to the unique experience of having the brand’s first bespoke bridal studio, which opened in Mumbai earlier this year.



The studio was inaugurated to mark the first anniversary of the launch of Louboutin’s Indian flagship store. You can just imagine the cheers of joy which erupted across  Mumbai when Louboutin finally opened it.

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Beautifully structured from teak, brass, and hand-carved wood, sourced from local markets, the first floor, the Horniman Circle boutique, has been designed to cater to all needs a bride can possibly imagine, with the perfectly crafted perfection that one  would only expect from Louboutin. Unashamedly decadent, with a superb fusion of modern and antique charm.

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The service at the stuido allows brides to pick their dream shoe, and then tinker with colour, fabric, heel height, even ornamentation – adding an extra bit of sparkle with solitaires and gemstones, to create that one-of-a-kind pair, added to this, the needlework is meticulously undertaken by artisans in Chennai, and all made by hand in their Paris atelier.

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There is also the option of a made-to-measure service, which allows couples to personalise their shoes with a monogramof their, along with the option to create tattoo or henna-inspired design

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And to make you feel at ease, there is a drop-down table in the atelier which has be called the sari table, meant to rest your beautiful bridal sari or lengha to help you find your sole mate!

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Christian Louboutin has a long-standing relationship with India, starting at age 15 and has since been a frequent traveller to the subcontinent. He is also well aware of the grandeur of Indian weddings. His knowledge is evident in the way he meticulously crafts for the Indian bride, having a deep understanding and passion.

“The scale, the importance, the excitement… it is difficult to understand unless you have been fortunate enough to attend one.”  he says “Weddings in Europe are not as detail-oriented as compared to here. For example, for the mehendi ceremony, it is important for the henna design to be seen, so you would need to wear a pair of sandals.”

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It takes about two to three months for the bespoke wedding footwear to be delivered. We know it will be worth the wait xx

Images courtsey of Christian Louboutin