An Interview with Elizabeth Solaru

Elizabeth Solaru has fast become one of the most sought after cake designers in the business. Her artistry is outstanding and her attention to detail is perfect. She founded Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium in 2006, after a few years working in Biomedical Science and head hunting.

If we were to sum up Elizabeth’s cakes it would be visual splendour matched with exhilarating taste. Her splendid designs go beyond the ordinary and are simply the pinnacle of beauty. Ranging from traditional designs to those with more avant-garde motifs, such as those inspired by jewellery.

Elizabeth and her team’s talents have been recognised by many of the top publications across the world, including Conde Nast Brides, Wedding Magazine, and OK! et al.

With her business riding high on a wave of enthusiastic attention, Elizabeth is also the three times winner of The Great Cake Bake on Sky TV, a member of the international panel of Wedding Industry Experts, and competition judge and host of The Cake and Bake Show.

Think Shaadi sat down with Elizabeth to have an indepth chat about her career and current projects.

First and foremost, what was it about cake design that inspired you to pursue a career in it?
I’ve always made cakes since I was a child but as I was very good at science, and being from a family that valued academic achievement I became a scientist. Several career changes later, I started making cakes again to relieve stress when I was working as a head-hunter. One of my bosses encouraged me to do something about my cake making skills and I enrolled in a few classes in the UK and abroad. I started making cakes full time a few years later as there was such demand for what we do.

What do you think sets you apart from other cake designers?

This is an interesting question and I think the best way to answer this is to tell you what clients and other people say. At Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium, every cake is bespoke and we try not to repeat the same cake. There is a willingness to experiment with different shapes, techniques and styles (I often attract brides who want bold ‘statement cakes’ tastefully done) and another thing we get great feedback on is the taste of our cakes and our willingness to do bespoke flavours which range from traditional triple chocolate, Vanilla, Luscious Lemon to more flavours like Chocolate Bailey’s, Wasabi and White Chocolate and White Chocolate with Passion Fruit.

Where do you find inspiration?
I take my inspiration from many sources, including nature, flowers, fabrics, jewellery, stationery and I am fascinated with shapes. Clients ideas are also a great source of inspiration and it’s a real delight to see an idea become reality.

Out of everything you’ve created, what has been your most favourite design?

This is a tough one as every new cake becomes a favourite of mine! Judging by the number of likes and shares, our pearl beaded pillow cake, our radiant orchid Marie Antoinette cake and our Chandelier cake seem to be our most liked and pinned.

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 07.36.29Adam Alex Photography

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 07.33.15

Screen Shot 2014-07-22 at 07.35.35Cristina Rossi Photography

If you were approached to design a cake for an Asian wedding, where would you look for inspiration?

I love, love, love making cakes for Asian weddings! The intricate designs and beading on fabrics, rich gold jewellery, vibrant colours, henna designs, scrolls, rich traditions, peacocks and Bollywood cinematography have been wonderful sources of inspiration. The cakes we’ve done for such weddings range from vintage designs, modern geometrics to highly embellished. What they tend to have in common is that they are often show stopping centrepieces.

Since launching your business, what have been the most memorable moments?

There have been so many but getting a call from royalty to make a cake has been up there. Also, seeing our cakes published in magazines such as BRIDES, Hello, OK and specialist cake magazines is always such a thrill.

Cecelina Tonberg Photography

What’s next for you?

We are expanding quite rapidly and we have a number of projects in the pipeline, some of which I can’t talk about. There are a number of collaborations due to be announced soon which is very exciting. Again, thanks for the opportunity and as one of the first supporters of Think Shaadi, I am thrilled at your success and it’s a pleasure to be featured on your blog.

All unattributed photos the property of Elizabeth’s Cake Emporium.