2 People 1 Life: In Search of the Perfect Wedding

Photo by Nicola Ferguson

Ladies and gentleman, meet Alex and Lisa, just your average couple. Alex works in the motor industry and is a pretty laid back guy; Lisa is a self-confessed “talker” and passionate lover of cooking, eating and drinking wine. The pair met 10 years ago, and it took Alex a decade to finally catch his dream girl.

Photo by Dean Sanderson

Although there’s one particular thing that is, shall we say, far less ordinary about this couple. Dissatisfied with the idea of a traditional “white wedding” the couple decided to travel the world, taking part in a wedding ceremony in every single country they visited.

Photo by Morgan Lynn Razi and Amir Razi

From Bosnia Herzegovina to Morocco, India to Argentina, Alex and Lisa have been determined to embrace every culture they encounter head on, and this is what’s created a media storm. It’s essentially about experiencing the cementing of true love across all the cultures and nations in this world.

They have just recently left the UK to head over to the sun drenched island of Corfu. Alex and Lisa have done what so many couples across the world long to do, and their journey to search for the perfect wedding is keeping us all enthralled. You can visit their blog 2 People 1 Life here.

Photo by Tiago Costa

As of now Lisa has worn approximately 36 wedding dresses, the most expensive being a Charlotte Balbier design costing $10,000 and the least expensive being a TK Maxx summer dress for £8. The couples longest wedding ceremony coming in at 10 hours long in Morocco and the shortest coming in at 1 minute in Hungary.

Photo by Catherine Mead

The 1st leg of their tour the Americas is done, and the 2nd leg Africa and Europe. The couple have just reached South Asia, with their 66th ceremony taking place in the port city of Karachi. It was a big scale affair with, of course, all traditions displayed, including Dhol drums, Salwars and gun shots etc.


Photo by Ayesha Mir

After Karachi, we at Think Shaadi will be keeping a very close eye on Alex and Lisa’s movements across India and wider South Asia.