Community Highlight: Matt Maurice

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Planning and production are the keys that make DJ Matt Maurice one of the most refreshing and original DJ’s in the world today. His years of experience, which include supporting the 90’s dance legends the Prodigy, have turned him into a quintessential master of creating a great party.
Working with a range of genres, from Acid House, Soul and Funk to Balearic and dozens of sub-genres, he’s continually kept a close eye on emerging trends, making sure he’s always at the forefront of his profession.

When asked why he became a DJ, in a recent interview, he said “I just fell into it really. I can’t honestly remember never playing music on a deck. I played music to people from around aged 10 at a youth club and I had my first professional gig at the age of 14.” For Matt, music is an essential part of his life, ever since he was a teenager; it’s the foundation of what makes him such a dedicated DJ.


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Matt has played a diverse range of venues, from small pubs and clubs, warehouses to 5 star hotel and other luxury venues. It’s the luxury venues that Matt plays now however, along with this he’s supported and worked with the crème of the music industry, including The Rolling Stones, Fat Boy Slim, David Bowie, Michael Jackson, The Clash and many, many others.

He’s been showered with accolades, such as for his work with Welsh rock band Feeder and Katie Melua when he was awarded several gold discs by the British Phonographic Industry. Now heading his own events company, Matt and his team run a tight ship, and push the boundaries of creating unique events, that are rich in musical diversity.

We at Think Shaadi are very excited to have Matt as one of our Marquee DJ’s. Let’s face it who wouldn’t be excited to be associated with such a creative tour-du-force.

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