Community Highlight: Rob Van Helden


The love affair which Dutch artists have with flowers goes back to the Flemish Golden Era, when painters like Ambrosius Bosschaert and Balthasar van der Ast used floral displays as a tool to represent life, birth, death etc. Today, Rob Van Helden is creating magic with flowers; his designs encompass the grand and the small, his style is fashioned from a deep love for design, nature and colour.

Over his 24 year career Rob Van Helden has been courted by a wealth of famous faces from Elton John to Pierce Brosnan. Aside from the celebrity attention, Rob has designed for royal weddings, charity events, society parties etc, in the UK, Continental Europe and beyond, such as in the beautiful palaces of Rajasthan. His distinctive style is what captures people’s attention first and foremost, but the careful attention he pays to each client’s needs is what cements their love for him.


When it comes to his aesthetic approach, Rob tends to work with one specific type of flower, as he says “this is the way in which flowers tend to grow in the wild.” Whereas some florists create with a dizzying mixture of flowers, Rob likes to stick to the way nature intended, and then elaborate from that.

Like all good florists, Rob uses flowers to frame a celebration, whether it is a wedding, party or even the changing seasons. It’s all about delighting the eye and triggering the pleasure senses. We are very happy to have Rob Van Helden part of our Community xx

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Below is Mark Niemierko’s interview with Rob. Mark is a leading luxury wedding planner, based in London and this video shows Niemierko Wedding Academy students visit Rob’s studio, along with a tour of Covent Garden Flower Market in October 2011, for an insight into the creative element of floral design when it comes to weddings and events.