Community Highlight: Asma Khan

The Empress of Supper Clubs

Asma Khan

We are reluctant to start this post with a line from the musical ‘Oliver’, but it has to be said – food, glorious food is what Asma Khan does best, that and of course a warm and welcoming atmosphere. There’s been a wave of “supper clubs” that have sprung up over the last few years, offering people a unique way of dining out, usually in the comfort of someone’s home. The city of London in particularly is awash with them, so it can be difficult to stand out.


However, Asma has no trouble, her perfect blending of finely cooked Indian and other cuisines, natural prowess as a hostess and inviting Kensington home has Darjeeling Express (Asma’s supper club) head-and-shoulders above the rest. She’s come a long way from, in her own words, not even being able to boil an egg and spending her first 2 years in the UK eating salads and her husband’s chicken curry. Asma decided to spend some time back in India, basically getting a crash course in traditional cooking, and since then her passion for preparing and sharing tasty dishes has continued to grow.

darjeeling express

Darjeeling Express offers food lovers a wide selection of mouth watering meals, from Bengali to Mughal cooking, not forgetting of course a creative variety of themes that range from Bollywood to Indian winter feasts. Asma has garnered much acclaim amongst good food connoisseurs, Darjeeling Express recently made it into Suitcase Magazine’s “Top 5 International Supper Clubs in London” which is quite an achievement. We hope Asma conjures up some more supper club evenings very soon.

darjeeling express