Community Highlight – Pavan Ahluwalia

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Mixing Cutting-Edge Style with Ancient Beauty

Henna design is an ancient art form, with a rich history that is filled with numerous spiritual and artistic symbolisms. It takes someone with a truly creative eye and talent to gain the respect of their peers within the henna design world. Pavan Ahluwalia has achieved that respect, recognised by the esteemed Guinness World Records, as the fastest henna artist, which was granted to Pavan after she painted a mammoth 511 armband in 60 minutes, each with specifically different designs.

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Despite Henna designs ancient methods and aesthetic requirements, there is always room for adding a modern twist, and Pavan does this, and then some. She’s become much sort after across the globe, with brides desperate for her to create a unique and visionary design. Basically, ephemeral beauty has never looked so good.

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In the last 20 years Henna design has shifted from its traditional place, as a staple of South Asian weddings, to be incorporated into other cultures and other important moments in our lives. It’s thanks to designers like Pavan that the traditional and spiritual aspects have not been lost, as its popularity grows outwards, but also its people like Pavan who are pushing the boundaries where design innovation is concerned, entwining history and modernity together, thus breathing new life into this age old craft.

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Pavan has been courted by big names like the BBC, Harrods, Selfridges and Sky TV, along with celebrities, to work her magic over panoply of projects, which incorporate many differing tools, from diamante and glitter to full scale body paint and food colouring. Entirely self-taught, Pavan is the epitome of an artist, someone whose creativity never falters and someone who can find inspiration from the most obscure things.

To learn more about Pavan and her beautiful work, head over to her website: